Commonwealth Tap

Life is too short to drink bad wine

A veteran barkeep, Breck Lyvers has spent the last decade tasting, researching and falling deeper in love with Kentucky bourbon whiskey. She had her first taste as a young girl, and has been fond of the liquid gold ever since.

Ever fond of all things food and beverage, she is proud to have been a part of the innovative and nationally recognized restaurant and bar scene in Louisville. Some of her previous adventures include managing the Lobby Bar at the Brown Hotel, being part of the L&N Wine Bar family, and working as the General Manager of Henry’s Place.

She is both honored and excited to be part of the management team at Commonwealth Tap. She can be found behind the bar almost every night, helping to spread bourbon knowledge and general good cheer. On the days she does get away, she enjoys hiking (with bourbon), cooking (with bourbon), and laughing with friends and family (and bourbon).

Please stop by on Mondays for Bourbon with Breck, a fun and informal tasting event that begins the moment you walk in. Cheers!


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