Commonwealth Tap

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Russ began his craft beer journey one fateful October when a friend enlightened him with a rather new concept: a pumpkin ale.  Spices, flavors, boldness - it was a whirlwind and a totally new experience.  From there, Russ has developed a palette and knowledge of various hops, yeast, and grains used to create unique beers.  

Russ continued his soul searching in Europe, and inevitably fell in love with wine.  The rolling vineyard hillsides and the kind farmers gave him an appreciation for this old tradition.  Though particularly fond of Spanish-style wines, he does not discriminate as each variety has it's own characteristics and traits.  

Upon his return, Russ reconnected with his roots and began brewing his own craft beer with his younger brother.  Together they experiment and work to create a portfolio of outstanding beers.  During this time, Russ heard about Commonwealth Tap and was excited by the prospect of working with fine wines and a great team.  You may catch Russ behind the bar, be sure to ask him about his expanding knowledge or craft beers, bourbon, and wine!

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